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WhatsApp Offer Voice Calls

  Whatsapp offer voice calls, Recently a few interesting screenshot has come up, showcasing the popular chat application WhatsApp Offer Voice Calls options. While the functionality is still not available and probably not even fully complete, android service provider has managed to dig up a glimpse of what it may look like. As it turns out, the android version of whatspp ...

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Dislike Button for Facebook Social Media Site

Facebook CEO Jukrberg said, “Dislike button to bring up idea Facebook has more user then any other social media site on the internet, and this Facebook CEO going to change little bits in webiste that is Dislike button and work is going on. Jurberg said “ A lot of users are seeking Dislike button. The company is considering the fact that ...

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Kidnapped Sarpanch Killed In Sopoer

Sarpanch Killed In Sopoer, Top stories suspected terrorists have killed Sarpanch of Sopoer are in Kashmir name Sarpancham “Gulam Mohammad kidnap in the evening and his body has found in even. Daughter of sarpanch told “Torirst has came around 7 to 8 AM in the morning at home and they have a uniform and some weapon’s. One person told among terrorists ...

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