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Get approved google Adsense within 24 hours


Google Adsense Steps,

This is Salim from India, here I am going to tell some secret about Google Adsense. Today google Adsense is world’s number one site to earn extra income and many users already earning around 5000$ to 10000$ per month. Here some tips and tricks for those who getting issue for approval of Google Adsense. Very easy to get approval, but how

First step YouTube:-

  • First singup in gmail account and go to YouTube site.
  • Upload one video more than 5 minutes and try to get some traffic on video like 100 impressions.
  • Now you have to monetize your video (see image).
  • After clicking monetization setting Adsense page will open and you have to log in there.
  • In 8 to 10 hour’s your Adsense account will approve.


Monetize setting in youtube







Second step on your website’s:-

  • Create your website with WordPress and get one domain name with good web hosting.
  • Now you have installed plug-ins from the word press name “Google Adsense”.(see image below)
  • After install you have to active it using your YouTube ID and Password.
  • It will show where on your website advertisement should show, you have to select it.
  • After selecting place on your websites, it will take under 12 hour’s for approval.Google Adsense plugin





After some hour’s you can see an Adsense advertisement on your website. I already it in under 24 hour’s, so it is very easy to get approval from google Adsense.

If you fine any difficulties then you can contact me and can comment I will assist you to get approved google Adsense.




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