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Kidnapped Sarpanch Killed In Sopoer

Sarpanch Killed In Sopoer,

Kidnapped Sarpanch Killed In Sopoer

Kidnapped Sarpanch Killed In Sopoer

Top stories suspected terrorists have killed Sarpanch of Sopoer are in Kashmir name Sarpancham “Gulam Mohammad kidnap in the evening and his body has found in even.

Daughter of sarpanch told “Torirst has came around 7 to 8 AM in the morning at home and they have a uniform and some weapon’s. One person told among terrorists is we are from you please don’t take tension and we have to ask some question with sarpanch but elder daughter don’t listen to them and puch her in the home.

The police of Sopoer told media Gulam is 62 years and he is a Teacher and has good respect. This is the third incident happening in that area in last one month, due to politics election time 3 sarpanch has killed and the police investigation is going on.

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