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Are you losing or earning from Google Adsense

Are you losing or earning from Google Adsense

Google Adsense in number one earning platform from many years and how many people working with google, I think google even doesn’t know about that. The google Adsene program is not only for the knowledgeable IT person and people, anyone can earn from Google Adsense and make life better.

Common Mistakes

Daily million of people is trying to work with Google Adsense but not every success with Google Adsense because of common mistakes every time doing in websites. Some common mistakes are,

  • Hurry to earn from Adsense
  • Don’t read the rules and regulation of Adsense
  • Don’t try to increase decent views on the sites
  • Quality contain

Earning from Google Adsense


First try to make a beautiful website with the help of website developers and if you can’t then you can watch some YouTube video designing websites.

  • Try to post daily quality contain to your website
  • Try to increase some decent views on the sites
  • Daily give at least 4 to 5 hours to your website to work.

I will suggest trying to learn SEO (Search engine optimization) for handsome earning from Google Adsense. I hope after the SEO training you will always earn not lose.


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