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Solve Adsense Query

Google Adsense, today everyone in our world are trying to earn from google Adsense but who are successful they are earning in thousand dollars, but what about failures, I am trying to Solve Adsense query.

Failures with Google Adsense:-

The first step in which most people fail is for approval of Adsense but I solved it for you,

How to approve Adsense in 24 hour’s,

Many user’s who tries to earn from Google Adsense they don’t know about Adsense that how we should work and what is termed and condition of Adsense. After getting approved Adsense many users have questions about payment from Adsense that,

  • What we can earn on 1000 views?
  • When Adsense sends payment and how?
  • How to add Payment Method in Adsense?
  • How to verify address?

These are basic question, but I am trying to give answer of all above question,

  • Nobody can tell you how many $ you can earn on 1000 impressions, that is depend on Ad cpc and Ad clicks.
  • Adsense sends payment either by check and bank transfer after the payment threshold limit exceed of payment and address verification.
  • When your payment is above 10$ and it show in front page of Adsense than in payment option, it enable for us to add payment method.
  • When your payment show above 10$ on the front page, Adsense sends your pin which reaches to your doorstep in 2 to 4 weeks.

This is a basic question and answer and if you have questions you can ask me, I will try to solve. I don’t think so to earn from Google Adsense is very difficult, you should know all the term and condition and please don’t try to do short like frauds.

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